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Are you tired of your tent?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 3, 2017 2:07:19 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett


Are you ready for some Convenience Features?

tent2.jpgDo you like to get out doors and enjoy some recreation? I tented camped for years and when I finally stepped up to the next level it was a Tent Trailer. I still had some of the same issues with the tent trailer that I had with the tent and I will share those in a moment. What attracted to me to a tent trailer in the first place was the porta potty and the shower as well as Hot and Cold water inside the trailer. It also was as big as my giant tent to fit my wife and I and our 4 kids.



Pros owning a tent trailer:

  1. Being up off the ground in a made down bed was great.  Our tent trailer had two beds and the mattress was nice.
  2. Hot and Cold running water inside the trailer and a shower if we wanted it.
  3. The outside and inside shower, and the cook station were used to clean off kids and stuff from the hike or beach as well as the dog.
  4. It had a small refrigerator inside. We had used an ice chest for years and had to go into town even when it was 30 minutes away to get more ice. I loved that refrigerator.
  5. We could still tow it with our SUV although we had to update our hitch, and install a new receiver.

Now let’s talk about the things I didn't know about a tent trailer…

  1. Sway on the highway. I went to the dealership to get a Equalizing hitch but because this had the crazy crank on the side it would not work so we finally gave up after four years of being afraid to travel long distances.
  2. It was cold in those beds and the furnace ran all night.
  3. We never used the shower just the bathroom at night mostly. We chose camp grounds with showers because the shower was in the middle of the trailer and we needed to be more private than that. The curtain felt open still with no door. We got better use out of the outside shower for cleaning and the inside shower was used for changing.
  4. Wow cranking it was not fun. Maybe it was my back issues but it was not fun. Like setting up a tent, it had lots of steps.
  5. We had to dry it out in our driveway anytime it rained on a trip. We would arrive home crank it up again remove the stuff from inside that needed dried out open it up and let the wind dry it out  them we would back it up again for storage.
  6. Because he got to be so much work and the cons so great we just started finding other ways to go travel. So we decided it would be best to sell it.

A Travel Trailer My dream solution

What does a travel trailer have that my tent trailer as well as my big tent did not have?

It has my private shower, you can get an EQ, Electric tongue jack for leveling it and even an electric awning. No tent fabric so the heat stays inside and the furnace does not run all night. I can even pick a floor plan that has ducted furnace for less noise. What? I like my sleep. You can empty it out and be done after a rainy trip. I can even get one with a vacuum cleaner built in as well as sleeping space for my grandkids now. They have air conditioning, a real oven, and the refrigerators are usually way bigger that my tent trailer was.  I’m so wanting one of these…..

What Next?

Call Blue Dog or visit us on the bluedogrv.com or better yet stop in at one of nice locations or call our internet team.

Just One option at Blue Dog is the Hideout by Keystone and it has all of my convenience features.


Click the trailer to see them all at BlueDogRV.com

Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

Joining the RV business in 2001 and then Blue Dog RV in Kennewick in 2012 has been a great adventure for me. Most of those years I have been in sales and in August of 2016 I moved into my new Content Manager roll. I love being a part of how present our products today and with the growth of digital media, the internet and new ways to use tradition Video and audio it’s an amazing daily learning experience. I grew up in tent and pick up camper camping out enjoying the amazing Northwest outdoors. I love being able to influence others with this RV lifestyle. This business still gets me excited today. I have resided in the Tri-Cities, WA area again 17 years now with wife Shannon and one 16 year old son still at home. Shannon and I both work in the people service business and it’s always been our passion.

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