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Did You Have an Accident with your RV?

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 4, 2017 10:59:53 AM / by Keith Bennett

Blue Dog RV Post Falls, Idaho has the Body Shop, Paint Booth & Collision Repair Team you are looking for!

With the best Technicians, we will make sure that your back on the road and enjoying your time outdoors.

Colision Repair.jpg


Why did we invest in a paint booth in Post Falls?

When you become an RV owner you know that you have something special, starting from the first time you get out in the great outdoors or better yet pull into you dream RV Park to set up your new full time lifestyle. Yet we do not plan to Smash/Crash/Crunch our new pride and joy..... Putting an RV back into it's original form is not the same as a car/house/fence. It's in a realm all on it's own. With a car you can go get a bumper from the junk yard or order it from the dealership and yet for example, a sidewall on an RV is manufactured a bit different. Don't get us wrong, we can order a new Ford hood, or side panel, even a front fiberglass cap for your Wildcat trailer, but to make the paint match you need our team and the paint booth's environment to create a long lasting paint job.

What about Fifth Wheels, Motor Homes and Travel Trailer Sidewalls? 

That's where things get a little bit more RV technical. That's where our team in our Collision Repair Department at Blue Dog RV come into play. We will rebuild the sidewall and we will restore new decals and paint in our state of the art paint booth if the need calls for it. Most manufactures rely on the dealer to do these repairs,  just like Ford/Chevy/Dodge at their factories they do not do these type repairs. They send out the decals and allow that local dealership to do the repairs. Most dealerships send out the paint work and some do the paint work in house. Blue Dog RV is one of those dealerships. We invested in this Collision Repair Department just because of our customers and their collision needs! We can repair the side wall and paint right at our Post Falls facility.


What should you do if something happens to your RV and you need Body Damage Repair or Collision Repair?

Call our Team today and make sure you report the accident to your Insurance Company right away. We will be able to provide you and your insurance company with the repairs you expect and provide insurance estimates as needed. Note: We did not build this Paint booth and create a team for accidents to happen,  we created this team and invested in this facility to provide you with the support you needed and to keep your recreational home something that continues to provide you with years of great enjoyment in an RV style!

Collision repair video


  • Step One: If an accident happens you should report it right away to your insurance company.
  • Step Two: call us and we will help you with the next steps in this restoration process.
  • Step Three: We work together with you. your insurance company and our skill collision team and we get you RVing again.

Post Falls Collision Repair



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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

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