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Fern Falls Camping Trip

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 24, 2017 10:45:29 AM / by Terri White

Terri White


Fern Falls is a beautiful spot to visit in North Idaho.  We made our way up to this great spot.  After a slight delay due to a mechanical issue, we were back on the camping trail.  This time we ended up at Fern Falls up the CDA River 37 miles.  It’s a short 5 mile drive either by car or ATV to the trailhead then it’s a short walk to the falls.  Oh goodness what a treat.  A little incline to the falls but a great photo opportunity.  Plenty of parking and you can also just wade in the river on the way up to the falls.


We continued our ATV trek up Forest Service Road 513 that turned into Road 440 – a trip that ended up being 27 miles.  We took off half a mile from our camp at Teddi Creek and came out at Flat Creek just a mile up the road. The road is very easy for travel – wide enough for either vehicles or atv’s.  The views are amazing.  Sights of the mountains near Kellogg and possibly the Montana border are clear enough for great photo opportunities.


We were also reminded that field mice can make their way into very tiny spaces.  At 4am we heard this noise – I say it’s just the rain… no he says it’s a mouse!  All I want to do is hide under my covers.  So Mr. Ninja mouse stalker gets up and sees this little deer mouse with a red M&M in his mouth.  So he grabs a bowl and is able to trap the little guy – so we put a bottle of Captain Morgan on top for weight – just in case.  So no more noise, back to sleep for a couple hours.  Then later we released the little guy out in the field with the rest of the M&M’s – so he can be hyped up on chocolate. 

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Terri White

Written by Terri White

I am one of the few true Idaho Natives - born in CDA, ID. Currently working in the Title Department of Blue Dog RV - so with that you know I definitely need time off.. so the camping takes me away to a stress free happy place... I have lived in CDA, Post Falls, Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Seriously living in Bonners Ferry was a kick because all the friends we had were amazing fun people. Where else can you go "Trick or Drinking" Before Blue Dog I had a 20 year career in Banking being a personal banker/new accounts girl. I won a trip to Las Vegas the last year I was there by being #4 out of 5 in obtaining new deposit money for our branch in CDA - competing with other branches in CA; OR, WA, ID and MT. So that was pretty neat for a treat. I have raised two great children - Katie is 20 and currently enrolled at U of I pursuing a degree in Psychology. She has never had less than an "A" on a report card until college - oh dear she finally got a B. Kenny is 24 and is very tech savvy working at a fraud detection company in CDA. Both live at home and make life interesting. We went to Maui two years ago for the first time - loved the sun and sand in December - made coming back home HORRIBLE - snow wasn't apprciated. This spring my daughter took me to Rome for a week long vacation. Loved the Italian pasta and their pizza was amazing as well. Cobblestone streets and all made for a quick visit. And the little teeny bopper who stole my wallet on the subway got my heart racing - but I got it back with cash & cards in tact - before he left the car. So at times I have had excitement - but usually let others have the fun.

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