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Hot Waffles & Continental Breakfast?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 13, 2017 3:53:55 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Ever wish you could have a commercial grade waffle maker in your RV?

Commericial Waffle Maker2.jpg

Perhaps like me you enjoy breakfast on the road. When we traveled for vacation as I was growing up a waffle was one of my favorite meals when we would stop at Denny’s and the 100’s of other Ma and Pa restaurants along the way.  To sit down and order one was as they say “The BOMB”!

Hot on the plate you would melt butter and then pour on syrup until your mom would say “that’s enough” only to pour for one more second until your dad glanced over with death eyes.  O to be young again and to feel the surge of sweet carbs and liquid nitro energy in syrup form. Well times has gone by and now it’s rare that I will have a waffle yet by the photo I have included times have changed. Most waffles are now self-serve. Yes it’s true I even took some photos to prove it. You can go to most hotels now that have a “Continental Breakfast?

Con-ti-nen-tal Break-fast Noun 1. A light breakfast, typically consisting of coffee and rolls with butter and jam.

SO that you at least can come away with some understanding of the term it had to do with a couple older American traditions. It was called actually the American plan and hotels provided three meals daily. European plan provided no meals no drinks. SO there you have it one breakfast lunch and dinner was a part of most lodging and if you ate at the hotel or not you paid it in the room fee. Because we as Americans want variety, choose, freedom and we love to lobby our way it was changed. Plans for hotels had BP (breakfast Plan) a full hot breakfast version and some the MAP Modified American Plan and that was usually two meals a day. Then to make it even more inexpensive the Continental plan or CP is a variety of choices like, Pastries, cereal, coffee and tea, or even cold sliced meats.  Enter the Waffle Maker…. Its amazing hot fresh ready for butter. You now have the ability to bypass the limp sausage patties and cold boiled eggs and not use the microwave.

The Plan: switch it on, pump from the machine a cup of waffle batter, pour it in the waffle machine, close the lid, flip it over, wait until the buzzer goes off, and then grab that giant pitch fork and “get it while its hot!

A Hot Waffle. You’re a kid again. It’s almost american style again, No mom to say stop with the syrup but you can still feel the eyes of dad. So I travel now almost every week to my second work location in Post Falls, Idaho. I stay at a very inexpensive older hotel with a very nice staff.  My job requires a couple days a week of collaboration face to face with our main office team. So each Friday morning I try to say no to “Better Batter” and Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle Baker since 1937

Commericial Waffle Maker.jpg

So every recreational Vehicle should have one of these. I hope it soon becomes an option in Travel Trailers, fifth wheels, and motor homes because it makes me feel like a kid again to camp and a waffle like this one would seal the deal for this kid! Thanks Carbon’s Golden Malted and River Bend Hotel, Post Falls Idaho.

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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

Joining the RV business in 2001 and then Blue Dog RV in Kennewick in 2012 has been a great adventure for me. Most of those years I have been in sales and in August of 2016 I moved into my new Content Manager roll. I love being a part of how present our products today and with the growth of digital media, the internet and new ways to use tradition Video and audio it’s an amazing daily learning experience. I grew up in tent and pick up camper camping out enjoying the amazing Northwest outdoors. I love being able to influence others with this RV lifestyle. This business still gets me excited today. I have resided in the Tri-Cities, WA area again 17 years now with wife Shannon and one 16 year old son still at home. Shannon and I both work in the people service business and it’s always been our passion.

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