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August 21st 2017 - 10:19am | The Sun will Hide

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 9, 2017 12:05:26 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Ok, so maybe it will not hide from everyone in the USA.

As this Total Solar Eclipse streaks across the USA from Oregon Coast to the South Carolina Coast. It will pass directly over the town of Madras, Oregon at around 10:19 AM in the Center of Oregon.  At this location the eclipse of the son it will last for about 2 minutes, 4 seconds PDT, feel like night. 

Full Solar Eclipse , What is it?

Whether you are aware of what it is and understand a full solar eclipse or not and you still want if you want to see it the questions will be where do you go?  One place you can travel to if you live in the Northwest is Madras Oregon. 


Madras will be the ground zero for Oregon Solar Fest. I guess when it’s been 99 years since something like this happened…. WHAT?  Is it true that this is the first time since 1918 that we had a full solar eclipse from coast to coast?  That’s what they say….who are they? Why Madras Oregon?

Let’s start with the facts about the solar eclipse.

The moon will pass between earth and the sun and if you are in the direct path it will eclipse the light of the sun and it’s going to get dark. Some say as dark as night almost. This event crossing the USA from Coast to coast has not taken place for 99 years.  So for many this is a BIG event! All across the USA on August 21st groups of us will gather to see the sun be eclipsed by the moon. How cool is that?

So how do I enjoy an Eclipse?


  1. Location: The total eclipse will travel across the USA starting at the Oregon Coast and with a slight curve across the USA end up heading to see in South Carolina (Best shrimp there EVER


    1. Eclipse Shades:Yes that is right you can purchase some real cool shades like these so you can see it. Please do not look at the sun without special glasses it's not a good thing at all. These type glasses are dark and ready for a "once in a 99 year Eclipse" If you have a pair then you’re lucky because these cool looking glasses were sold out when I looked for them.
    2. OK so you want to take photos, you want to video tape this event, and you do not want to melt your iPhone or destroy your camera? How do you do this safely? You will need an ND Filter. What’s an ND filter? It’s a filter that reduces the amount of light into the camera lens. So if you are a camera junky like me you already have these in your camera bag. So it’s like eclipse shades for your camera. Now you both will look cool. They also have polarizer filters and they help control the glare of the son. Either way YouTube has all the training you need.
    3. So what do I stay in while I wait for this Eclipse? Stop by a Blue Dog RV location or come visit us at SOLARFEST to check out the RV’s we have on Display in Madras, Oregon. You can pick up a real cool camping tool and you will look even better with your Eclipse Shades:


Remember that the sun is so big and the moon so small this total eclipse will be like the moon is holding a flash lite as it passes across the USA.  The only way to see a total eclipse is to be where it will pass over. We need to realize that it’s a beam of darkness not a beam of light. OK are you confused? Remember the Son can shine over the whole side of Earth even if this little moon passes in between. Yet that moon's path across the USA will block out the sun only in the very center of the path. This NASA photo should help you see what I mean by this flash light type beam of darkness created by the moon. The further away from the moon's path the more the sun will wrap around and the less of this TOTAL ECLIPSE you will see. 


We are happy to be the Official RV Sponsor for the Oregon Solar Fest in Madras, Oregon. We will be there with our Blue Dog RV's on display, we will have our IPHONE 7, and Cameras and maybe an ND Filter. We will be able to say we saw it once it passes over head. Will you be there?  


Madras Oregon is located just two hours from Portland, Oregon.  Madras because of its weather and clear skies is said to offer the best chances to view the eclipse along with mountain views and wide open spaces. The city has planned a Solar Fest to celebrate the event starting August 17th and ending on August 22nd

Music and entertainment every day, kid’s events, camping, as well as NASA will be there with special presentation each day from the NASA Pavilion.  NO WAY!

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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

Joining the RV business in 2001 and then Blue Dog RV in Kennewick in 2012 has been a great adventure for me. Most of those years I have been in sales and in August of 2016 I moved into my new Content Manager roll. I love being a part of how present our products today and with the growth of digital media, the internet and new ways to use tradition Video and audio it’s an amazing daily learning experience. I grew up in tent and pick up camper camping out enjoying the amazing Northwest outdoors. I love being able to influence others with this RV lifestyle. This business still gets me excited today. I have resided in the Tri-Cities, WA area again 17 years now with wife Shannon and one 16 year old son still at home. Shannon and I both work in the people service business and it’s always been our passion.

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