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7 Steps to Setting Up the Best RV Campsite

[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2016 9:21:22 AM / by Blue Dog RV

How to Set Up a Great RV Campsite

Setting up an RV campsite may sound simple. It is. But if you want to have the best RV campsite at the campground, a little planning can go a long way.

How to Set Up an Awesome RV Campsite

1. Size Up Your Stay 

First, decide how long you’re staying. If you’re camping for a night or two, you don’t have to be selective about your spot. Your priority is a quiet spot, even if it’s not the biggest and best site on the campground. But if you’re staying several days or even a few weeks, spend more time and be more selective.

2. Select a Site 

Once you know how long you’ll stay, look for your RV campsite. First, we’ll provide some general guidelines that are suitable for any length of stay.

Find a flat area. Look for a site near the water source, but not too close. If someone leaves the water running it could soak the ground near your site. Find a spot that is safe — and not too noisy.

Short-timers can stop at the tips above. The following pointers are icing on the cake for a short stay, but could be crucial to the happiness of your long-term RV camping. Try to find a site on high ground, where the breeze can cool down your site.

Look for a lot of real estate. A long stay means more cookouts and lounging. Also, set up shop in the vicinity of the activity areas. You won’t have much of an RV camping vacation if you are miles away from the nearest volleyball site or bike trail.

3. Size up the Table Situation

Does the site have picnic tables? If not, or if the tables are old and warped, bring your own. Many RV campers bring their own tables. You should be able to discern the quality of campsite tables by looking at online photos. You can always simply call the campground and ask. When in doubt, bring your own.

4. Go for a Grill

Does the campground have a grill? More importantly, is it near your site? Even though most RVs have a stove, RV camping enthusiasts almost always grill out. If you don’t want to check out the grill situation every time, or just prefer to have your own, invest in a grill from Blue Dog RV for your RV campsite.

A Grill Will Make Your RV Campsite Complete

5. Get a Rug (or Two) 

A rug can really tie your RV campsite together. A nice, durable outdoor rug is good for lounging on the grass without getting bitten by bugs. You can also put it under your table during meals to minimize messes. Also, don’t let people track mud on your RV carpet. Get a rug to place near your RV door.

6. Where are Your Chairs? 

Regardless of available seating, bring at least one portable camping chair for each person who is along for your RV camping trip. You just never know what the seating situation will be. There might be a picnic table, but it could be muddy or splintered.

7. Light Up Your Site

Nobody wants to sit in the dark. Setting up lights doesn’t have to be expensive, and you’ll be thanking yourself when the sun goes down. Even an inexpensive lantern is better than nothing. You can also look into heavy duty lighting for your RV campsite.

Get More Planning Tips

Now you know how to find the best campsite. Want more travel tips for your RV camping adventure? Check out our advice on how to prepare for the top three things that can go wrong on your RV vacation.

I Want to Avoid RV Pitfalls

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