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Constant 70 degree weather? Not for me!

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 7, 2017 12:52:21 PM / by Linda Stambulski

Linda Stambulski

Growing up in San Diego, we didn’t have a change of seasons. I remember looking out the window when I was around 10 year’s old thinking, “I’m missing something.” It was Christmas and it was 70 degrees outside. No snowmen, no sledding, no mittens, no hot cocoa.

When I moved to the Northwest, people asked me why I left such a beautiful city. The looks on their faces were varied when hearing my response: “Because of the weather!”


But it’s true! I find a simple tree gorgeous in spring when the new pine needles or leaves are a bright lime green. In summer that same tree provides shade and the dark green against the sky is breathtaking. Autumn provides the colors only found in nature and what kid hasn’t marveled at a fallen leaf in their hand? My favorite is that same pine tree flocked in snow.

People complain about the rain and the snow, but then those same people finally embrace it and are found hiking around the waterfalls or downhill skiing. My favorite was white-water rafting! Now my favorite is more the speed of watching it snow from inside the house or baking cookies. But I use to partake in every season’s activities.

Every new season starts a new chapter. Whenever I get down my tote of decorations for that special time of year,  I physically mime the closing of a book or turning of a page. (Yes. I have a lot of totes!) The new chapter is filled with different flowers, new fashions, new TV shows, newly decorated homes, new hobbies and activities, different foods, and of course new scenery. Just when life starts getting monotonous, everything changes.

Maybe most people don’t like change, but I find it a great way to take a deep breath and embrace the new adventure that awaits!

Linda Stambulski

Written by Linda Stambulski

Linda is a Review Specialists for Blue Dog RV. Linda is one of the most valuable assets to the Blue Dog Concierge team. She is responsible for making sure the customers have a pleasant experience with our company, and she does an incredible job at it.

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