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Enjoying Fogarty Beach

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 19, 2018 4:24:21 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett



The Oregon Coast has many beaches top many for me to count but only one Tops My List: Fogarty

If you like to explore beaches and check out tide pools in search of star fish and other creatures that frequent these pools then Fogarty Beach has it and much, more. If you are like me and the Beach chair is calling then chill like nothing else.

If you like to explore there is plenty to do. Rocks rise up right out of the Creek bed as enters the ocean and the crashing surf is amazing. If you so bold climb to the top and enjoy the view. Remember the tide is your friend when it’s out and not so much when it comes back in. With the park on the east side of the highway you have great day picnic areas and then follow the path on either side of Fogarty Creek and you are on the beach,

The beach is divided by Fogarty Creek and once you pick a side and follow the path out you will want to cross this creek. Follow it all the way to the ocean, take of your shoes, and walk across on soft sand.


From the entrance on the North Side and the South side of Fogarty Creek to the crashing waves it had me at hello. I have been going to the Oregon coast now for 30 years and the beach for me never gets old. Fogarty creek winds through the state park with parking lots on both sides and a number of day camp picnic tables a gazebo, walking bridges that are straight out story books as well as two paths to the beach on either side of the creek. Fogarty is one of many state parks along Oregon 101 and it is worth the stop.


You can climb on rocks, pick up seashells and wade in the fresh water of Fogarty creek. Even a seal head or two will pop up at times out in the surf. We went this year at the end of May and the day we spent on the beach was simply amazing. I took photos from my Canon camera and my wife explored.


So enjoy photography, birds, waves or just the explore the beach it’s a perfect place to lay out the beach blanket and let the sounds of the waves take you on a dream journey.

When you are not at the beach you have three great towns to visit:

North to Lincoln City south to depot Bay and further south the town of Newport. All three of these Coastal Towns have great beaches and great things to do.  You even have the bay in Newport as well as the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  If you like to camp just settle on Beverly Beach State Park you will thank me later.


So what are you waiting for? Get the kids and the dog (cat if you are bold) and head to the Oregon Coast.

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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

I love the RV lifestyle and I always have since I was a young kid in a pick up camper riding down the road looking out the camper window next top my older brother and younger sister. Now after being in RV sales since 2001 I have seen just about every type RV and RV owner. It was a big leap to jump from RV Sales helping customers every single day fulfill their dreams to a roll in RV Content for Blue Dog RV in August of 2016. Now looking back the decision reinvigorated me and has allowed me to be a part of sharing the RV Lifestyle on a larger stage. I love video production and being able to help others share the Blue Dog RV Story as well as help RV lovers around the Blue Dog Family share theirs.