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Full Time RVing with Dogs

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 11, 2017 4:45:31 PM / by Ctrl Alt Dreamers

Ctrl Alt Dreamers


Before we took the leap into full-time rv'ing our number one concern was our dogs. Our dogs are basically our children. We were worried about taking them on the road. We hoped for a smooth transition, and really wanted them to enjoy the adventure. Not only was this a big change for us, but for our dogs as well. We knew the transition phase would take some time getting used to especially for us, as well as our dogs. Looking back now it was a huge concern for us, but we now know that we were worried for nothing. 

IMG_8820.jpgWe have four small Chihuahua/Dachshund mix dogs who love road trips, and exploring new places. The oldest is Chevy who will be 11 years old in a few months, and is the alpha male and ring leader of the pack. Next eldest is his daughter BooBoo who is 8 years old. Last but not least are the two rambunctious brother's Brody & Bruno who are 6 years old. Chevy & BooBoo are a bit older and a bit calmer, quite the opposite of Brody & Bruno. The brothers definitely keep us on our toes. We love our fur babies and couldn't imagine not bringing them along in the RV. They love to explore just as much as us! We found that the following information will put any dog owners of mind to ease when it comes to RVing with dogs. When taking a dog RVing ideally you would want somewhat of a well-behaved dog that listens to you. If that isn't the case we would strongly recommend some sort of dog obedience classes before hitting the road. 

While RVing with dogs you want the most enjoyable experience, and part of that includes being courteous to other campers as well. Being a good pet owner is an essential part of that experience which includes picking up after your pet, and making sure they're well-behaved. Keep in mind how your pet will act when you are away from your RV. If you happen to leave them in the RV will they be calm and courteous to your RVing neighbors? Perhaps they will freak out and spend 4 hours barking nonstop!  While camping in parks you know how close you can be to others and you want to respect everyone's time and keep an enjoyable experience. 

Us RVers love to explore and check out the new scenery and so does your pet! Make sure that your pet gets plenty of play time outside. They want to check out the new area as well. When we arrive at a new location our dogs can't wait to get to sniffing and explore. Pets need their exercise, and to let out all that energy they have bottled up from that road trip.  One of our dogs has some anxiety issues, and exploring the area really helps her calm down and get familiar with the area. 

RVing with dogs doesn't have to be a daunting experience. Initially it can be a bit overwhelming until you have established a routine with them on the road. This is all new to your dog so it may not go as smooth as you want it the first couple trips. We encourage you to give it a try! Your dog will have just as much fun as you on the trip, we promise! So here is to many RVing trips with your furry friend in tow! Get out there and explore!




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Ctrl Alt Dreamers

Written by Ctrl Alt Dreamers

Rv Living has been an amazingly awesome journey, and it has brought us so much closer! We really didn't anticipating that being one of the perks of full time rving. Beto and I decided to sit down and discuss this topic and share our thoughts with all our amazing viewers.