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Hymer Aktiv RVs are available at Blue Dog RV

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 24, 2017 11:55:15 AM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Not only does Erwin Hymer have an extended reputation for quality they also are leading edge when it
comes to technology in a B class Van. So if your looking for a compact user friendly RV that you can hop in and drive on or off the grid then let’s talk about why the Hymer makes it so mush easier.

Hymer Aktiv Product Video.00_05_25_01.Still007.jpg
From the advanced Eco Trek battery system to the smart way to power and recharge with Lithium-Ion
batteries and Volt Start battery status managements system. Yes with the a push of the button your
engine will start and recharge your batteries. No generator noise to worry about. You can sleep or hike
with ease and not worry because these two systems ae working for you to keep you comfortable
lifestyle charged up.
Hymer’s under the hood generator can produce 2500-3000 watts of power so the batteries charge faster, the emission are lower because portable generator emissions are not the same as engine emission standards. The portable generator producing between 500-1,000 watts per hour and is much louder. The advantage of the of the GU is:
  1. Noise is lower than a traditional portable or built in RV generator.
  2. Emissions are lower as we already pointed out and better on the environment.
  3. Maitenance is lower on the GU than a traditional RV generator.
  4. Weight savings as the GU is less weight than a built in orportable generator and usually takes up valuable space that could be insde storage rather than a outside generator compartment. (two Big bonuses weight and space).
The GU produces DC power and that’s the power you need for recharging your batteries. A portable or built in generator produces DC that has is first converted to AC then that has to be converted to DC so the batteries can receive the charge that cause loss of power as it’s converted twice before it gets to the batteries. This GU that Hymer adds to the unit has a warranty for up to 6 years. With the added Eco Trek battery system you will get a more even battery amp production. If you add a solar panel to the roof of your Aktiv you can plan on being off the grid longer with more available power and less cost of fuel as the GU runs off the engines fuel tank.
So now you have just a few reasons why the Erin Hymer Aktiv is a fan favorite. They are creating Smart
technologies that impact the RV Lifestyle in a positive way. The Erwin Hymer Products are great and they have Vans to fit many budget. When you consider the fuel savings over a larger motor home or towing an RV, you will see how savings can be BIG over the lifetime of your Hymer.

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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

Joining the RV business in 2001 and then Blue Dog RV in Kennewick in 2012 has been a great adventure for me. Most of those years I have been in sales and in August of 2016 I moved into my new Content Manager roll. I love being a part of how present our products today and with the growth of digital media, the internet and new ways to use tradition Video and audio it’s an amazing daily learning experience. I grew up in tent and pick up camper camping out enjoying the amazing Northwest outdoors. I love being able to influence others with this RV lifestyle. This business still gets me excited today. I have resided in the Tri-Cities, WA area again 17 years now with wife Shannon and one 16 year old son still at home. Shannon and I both work in the people service business and it’s always been our passion.

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