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Thousand Trails Value with Blue Dog RV

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 24, 2018 12:47:25 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Extra Blue Dog RV Value


Blue Dog RV Customer Value grows: Now when you purchase a RV from Blue Dog RV not only do you get to choose from over 80 brands, pick from an average of 1800 RV’s, or shop at any of 11 Sales locations (soon to be 12 locations). You get to take advantage of the best prices across 5 US states, receive the exclusive Coast to Coast Lifetime Warranty on every New RV purchase, and now you get a one year membership to Thousand Trails camp grounds in 1 zone of your choice.

When you visit the thousand trails locations around the US and British Columbia, you get to participate in what used to be a private members only camping organization. Now through Blue Dog RV it’s open to you when you purchase an RV.


Thousand Trails is the largest and most successful provider of RV resorts and campgrounds in North America with over 5 zones available with 190+ locations in 22 states and British Columbia, Canada. They have created an environment with park rangers, security and safety so you can enjoy the reason you go camping! Family and fun in the great outdoors.


Blue Dog RV welcomes this new relationship and relishes the experiences you and your loved ones will have with this new extra value at Blue Dog RV. Call today to set up a VIP appointment at one of our 11 sales locations to sit down and explore the future with us and let’s get you camping!

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Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

I love the RV lifestyle and I always have since I was a young kid in a pick up camper riding down the road looking out the camper window next top my older brother and younger sister. Now after being in RV sales since 2001 I have seen just about every type RV and RV owner. It was a big leap to jump from RV Sales helping customers every single day fulfill their dreams to a roll in RV Content for Blue Dog RV in August of 2016. Now looking back the decision reinvigorated me and has allowed me to be a part of sharing the RV Lifestyle on a larger stage. I love video production and being able to help others share the Blue Dog RV Story as well as help RV lovers around the Blue Dog Family share theirs.