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Is WiFi Ranger your answer to WiFi networks?

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 24, 2017 12:21:54 PM / by Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Well it’s time to add a new feature to travel trailers if electric awnings, remote controls, LED lights and
leveling systems were not enough. The manufacture Starcraft jumped into new technology for
standard equipment on a RV. Is this an important game changing new feature? Time will tell.


First of all let me say that it’s a big advancement for those of you who travel from RV park to RV park and you want to have better Wi-Fi. If you find yourself on the wrong end of an RV park you may not get much signal because buildings and distance can interfer with the signal and that’s where the Wi-Fi Ranger can help.

Some background to help you understand. Wi-Fi is a radio signal that allows us to attach our wireless phones and computers that have wireless antennas built in that receive the radio signal we call Wi-Fi. In RV parks, you never are sure what kind of signal will be available, and cell data rates are not always the best thing for the pocket book. So that’s where this new feature comes into play.

The Wi-Fi Ranger not only has the ability to boost the signal it also has a router that allows you to secure your own network inside your RV. When you have a signal that is far away you will need a way to reach the signal and boost it for your Wi-Fi devices. With all those RV’s and devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you will also need a way to secure your devices from other users. Without a secure network someone outside could access your devices. The Wi-Fi Ranger has both the receiver and a secure router to enable you to build a network that is password protected. 


Starcraft RV's with Wi-Fi ranger have a window sticker showing it's equipped with this new feature. If it has the sticker like the Starcraft in my short video then you will be able to boost Wi-Fi signals and create a secure network. If it does not have this WI-FI Ranger sticker, I would recommend you consider a product like this to help you have even a better experience RVing!


Topics: Camping Gadgets

Keith Bennett

Written by Keith Bennett

I love the RV lifestyle and I always have since I was a young kid in a pick up camper riding down the road looking out the camper window next top my older brother and younger sister. Now after being in RV sales since 2001 I have seen just about every type RV and RV owner. It was a big leap to jump from RV Sales helping customers every single day fulfill their dreams to a roll in RV Content for Blue Dog RV in August of 2016. Now looking back the decision reinvigorated me and has allowed me to be a part of sharing the RV Lifestyle on a larger stage. I love video production and being able to help others share the Blue Dog RV Story as well as help RV lovers around the Blue Dog Family share theirs.

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