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Attend the

Blue Dog RV

101 Class

At Creation Fest

Benton County Fairgrounds
Kennewick WA

  • Attend a class and receive $500 off your next RV at Blue Dog RV!
  • Request a VIP appointment to see our RV's at our Kennewick or Pasco locations if you are unable to attend a class, and receive $500 off your next RV.

Sign up and attend a Blue Dog RV 101 class and get $500 off your next RV!


Attend 1 or all classes

Below is what will be covered at Creation Fest 2017

July 13th | Thursday | 11:50am - 12:20pm

How to Choose the Right RV

  1. RV Types: Class B, C and A gas and diesel, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer and Toy Haulers.
  2. Family Size Matters.
  3. Budget setting what you need to know, RV Cost and RV Loans.
  4. Types of RV use, full time part time, Cold/Hot Weather camping locations.
  5. Towing vehicle, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer.
  6. Motor Homes Advantages and Disadvantages.
  7. Insurance, maintenance and warranty.


July 14th | FRIDAY | 11:50am - 12:20pm

How to Buy A RV and How To Upgrade

  1. Things to answer before you Shop for an RV.
    1. Budget, Payment Range, and Cash Down.
    2. Needs, sleeping capacity, type of RVing.
    3. New or Used
    4. Three things every sales person needs to know.
      1. Budget
      2. Who is it for?
      3. How are you going to use it?
      4. If your towing what type vehicle are you towing with? View Towing Guide Here
  2. How To Upgrade
    1. Sell or Trade advantages and disadvantages.
    2. Trade Values: How to know if I’m getting a Fair Value if I trade.
    3. Positive or Negative Equity and what difference it makes.
    4. Three things every sales person needs to know.
      1. Why are you upgrading?
      2. What do you owe on your current RV?
      3. Year, Make, and Model of trade (Bring your Registration or Title).

July 15th | Saturday | 11:50am - 12:20pm

Ten Things Every RV needs to Stay Fit

  1. Roof Seals, Rubber Roof Treatment if applicable and inspect roof Seams and Bulb seals.
  2. Tire (Including Spare), Brakes and Bearings inspection.
  3. Pre Fire Appliances before Camping inspect appliance vents.
  4. Slide Rail Lube and mechanics check.
  5. Propane Tank Check and valve check as well as Battery fluids and winter storage.
  6. Black, Grey and Fresh holding tank cleaning and valves.
  7. Screws, latches, doors and drawer glide inspection and tighten.
  8. Winterizing Properly, Water heater and water pump.
  9. RV Storage and Tire Covers what types to get and what not to use.
  10. Motor Homes and Toy Haulers with Engines and or with generators.
    1. Most manufacturers suggest an oil change every 3,000 to 4,500 miles. Check your owner's manual for advice on your specific vehicle. Filters, Fluids, Belts and Brakes.
    2. Generators maintenance coolant, filters and oil.



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"Ten Things Every RV Needs To Stay Fit"

SAVE 20% OFF - Slide Out Dry Lube Aerosol
Retail: $18.59 | Creation Festival Price: $14.87

Keep Your Slide-Out Operating Smoothly!
Heavy-duty formula lubricates and prevents rust and corrosion for up to a year. Firm, dry and waxy film inhibits dust adhesion.
SAVE 20% OFF - Slide Out Rubber Seal Treatment
Retail: $14.29 | Creation Festival Price: $11.43

Protect All Slide Out Rubber Seal Treatment extends the useful life of rubber seals.
The rich foam application clings, eliminating messy runs and drips and produces an anti-static, water repellent, protective film that aids in guarding against premature deterioration. It produces a dry, smooth surface that reduces excessive friction and wear on slide-out seals. Advanced formula with UV inhibitors. 17 oz 
SAVE 20% OFF - Rubber Roof Cleaner
Was: $18.31 | Creation Festival Price: $14.64

Cleaner uses a simple, two-bucket system that eliminates the need to rinse.
Simply spray on, agitate and mop off! The simple spray-and-spread method is UV protectant, dust- and water-repellant! Great for use with all Membrane Roofing Systems [Rubber (EPDM), TPO, TPE]!
image (2).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Slide Out Rubber Roof Treatment
Retail: $19.99 | Creation Festival Price: $15.99
image (3).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Thetford Aqua Kem Toss-Ins
Was: $15.49 | Creation Festival Price: $12.39
Eliminate odors without spills or messes.
The ultimate in convenience! Simply toss one pre-measured packet into the tank. These water-soluble packets dissolve fast to deliver great deodorizing power and cleaning action.
unnamed (3).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Thetford Grey Water Odor Control
Was: $7.39 | Creation Festival Price: $5.91
Keeps Your RV Smelling Clean and Fresh.
Grey Water Odor Control is formulated to eliminate and prevent offensive odors in the drains, vents, and traps of your sinks, showers and grey water holding tanks.
  • Dissolves cooking grease and cleaning residues
  • Prevents grease build-up in grey water holding tank
  • No chlorine or solvents to damage valve seals
  • 100% biodegradable liquid
unnamed (2).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant
Was: $8.49 | Creation Festival Price: $6.79
Stop Costly Problems Before They Happen.
Here's an ounce of prevention in a 24-ounce bottle. Our special formula prevents seal wear, sticky drain valves and keeps all the plumbing lines operating smoothly.
  • Lubricates holding tank systems and drain valves from the inside
  • Restores easy valve operation
  • Coats plumbing lines for smooth tank evacuation
  • Works in both grey and black water tanks
  • 100% biodegradable liquid
unnamed (1).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Thetford Level Gauge Cleaner
Was: $22.69 | Creation Festival Price: $18.15
Restores Level Sensor Operation FAST
Our patented formula ends level sensor problems due to tissue waste sludge and soap scum build-up. Use this product regularly and prevent problems from occurring. Other benefits include:
  • Superior probe and tank cleaner
  • Solve a problem or with regular use prevent one
  • Works in both grey and black water tanks
  • 100% biodegradable formula
image (4).png
SAVE 20% OFF - Thetford Level Gauge Cleaner
Was: $15.02 | Creation Festival Price: $18.15
EPA-Registered for Cleaning and SANITIZING Fresh Water Holding Tanks
Designed specifically to sanitize hard non-porous surfaces of water holding tanks in RVs, trailers, campers and boats.
  • Effective even in hard water
  • Will not leave grit or soap scum
  • Not a drinking water additive 


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